Wigs…for Babies? Yup.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Love it or hate this new infant accessory has parents we talked to up in arms, but we did find one big supporter. All you other expectant moms out there NEED to weigh in on this VIDEO. A head band, with hair on it, so that people know your bald baby girl is in fact a girl for those few months before her hair comes in. I guess you could say it’s a product for the little girl that has everything…but hair.

baby wigs

Can you say swoon? Get ready to have your heart melted…

Our entire newsroom fell in love with this little guy. And we are so thrilled that CityNews viewers rallied to support 1 year old Mackenzie and his parents as they fought to have his out-of-province eye surgery covered by the Ontario Government. Good news! You’ve spoken and the government has listened. Here’s the VIDEO on Mackenzie’s fight for sight, and first hand reaction from his family the day I met them. CityNews has been following his journey for the past year as he’s tried to overcome the rare eye condition he was born with (which only 3 kids in Ontario have). Oh, and did I mention he’s ADORABLE?!


Inspiring Ride Held for Autistic Boy Targeted in Letter

It was such a joy meeting Max Begley and his family. His story and the letter his grandmother received touched people around the world. You may have heard of the autistic boy, who’s grandmother in Newcastle got a vile letter suggesting he be euthanized. 1 week later, the close-knit community rallied together in such an incredible way for Max. It was inspiring to see such a positive come from that negative. And, you have to see the amazing moments in this VIDEO, from the lead-up story we did on the ride. When we were at the Begley’s home, we saw first hand the love for max… Random companies had shipped gifts to Max’s home when they heard about what happened to him. He and his family are touched by the support.

Support for max