Best of video reel: 2015-2016

Have a peak at some of my favourite moments on The Weather Network this past year before my current maternity leave. Can’t wait to re-join the team later on this year.

Watch here!


Wow! Celebrity Momma!

A huge thanks goes out to the team at Urbanbaby&Toddler Magazine for ¬†including as one of your celebrity parents. Check out the article here. And if you’re in Vancouver go pick up a copy of their latest issue! I had a blast talkin’ work-life balance and about everything from green screens to green smoothies!

But, I’m JUST one of the incredible mommas on the Weather Network roster. It’s SUCH an incredible team of talented people and I’m so proud to have both my family and the TWN family behind me… It takes a village!

Saphia Khambalia baby pregnant magazine

 Fall 2016 Issue; Celebrity Parent feature


Thanks UrbanBaby&Toddler Mag!


Winter weather warrior

Well actually, it’s been a mild winter for much of Southern Ontario. However, it’s been a blast doing a bit of storm chasing and winter weather reporting on the road for the Weather Network when we have had some active weather. Normally you can find me in studio anchoring the weekend afternoon show from 12-2pm ET. Till then, bundle-up and stay-warm. And a huge thank you to Columbia Sportswear for outfitting all of our team at TWN to stay fashionable and prepared for elements!!



On TWN and CBC!

It’s been an honour to inform Canadians from coast-to-coast on their weather details on The Weather Network. Now, you can see me occasionally back with my former colleagues at the CBC! It’s an exciting partnership while working as a weather anchor with TWN and helping to bringing you the most update and accurate weather forecasts on CBC as well as always on The Weather Network!

Saphia Khambalia Weather Network and CBC

Saphia Khambalia Weather Network and CBC

Trip down memory lane…

These folks at Oh baby! Magazine were so much fun to work with. Here’s another piece I did with them a while back while working as a CityNews Reporter. Give this one on one a read if you have a chance, we talked about everything from pregnancy to potty training! It was important for me to express how we moms shouldn’t judge the choices each other make. Each baby and each parent is so different! What matters is getting through each day and giving ourselves a pat on the back! Thanks for reading! This snap is pre-baby! Oh baby, how rested I look!!!

saphia khambalia citytv

Ice Ice Baby!

Throw back time! Can’t believe this chat with Oh baby! Magazine was almost a year ago. Seemed fitting to post it now because it’s just as icy and cold outside this winter as it was last year when we welcomed in our little guy during the big Ontario ice storm! Read about the adventure here including how the hospital we delivered in lost power, during my labour! For real!


Kudos to all the Mama’s out there!

Busy? I’d say yes. Thanks to City Parent Magazine for taking the time to have this chat with me. We moms deserve a bit pat on the back! Hardest and most rewarding job out there is what I say. Here’s a little bit about how we’ve been adjusting and totally loving the first few months at home with baby! Read the article here. And jeeze, that whole pregnancy thing just flew right by!


Pregnant in the City

Here it is! The main spread for Today’s Parent that I had mentioned. It was such a special experience getting together with my fellow Citytv ladies and celebrating all things motherhood. Check out our Q&A about bumps and bundles of joy here. This was shot in 2013 and I’m happy to report that now all have had their beautiful, healthy little ones and are enjoying their growing families. VIDEO: If you want to meet two of the babies and see me just before I went off on mat-leave, scroll down on this link.