Kudos to all the Mama’s out there!

Busy? I’d say yes. Thanks to City Parent Magazine for taking the time to have this chat with me. We moms deserve a bit pat on the back! Hardest and most rewarding job out there is what I say. Here’s a little bit about how we’ve been adjusting and totally loving the first few months at home with baby! Read the article here. And jeeze, that whole pregnancy thing just flew right by!


Hamilton’s True Love Story

It’s been a tough couple months for my family and I. Many of you know, I have done work for the Parkinson and Alzheimer Societies, inspired by my beloved grandparents who were respectively fighting each disease. Now, I’d like to share this news with you all; the couple whom were inseparable in life have passed away within 24 hours of each other, after 54 years of marriage. Thank you to the Hamilton Spectator for allowing me to share this testament of the true power of love. Remember Ramzan and Laila Manek’s tale in your life today. Read the story here.

saphia khambalia grandfather