Ch-ch-ch Changes…

Sorry for the delay in announcing this news here! It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve decided after a lovely maternity leave that I won’t be heading back to my reporting position with the great team at Citytv. Time for some personal and professional changes, and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined the on-air roster at The Weather Network! A huge thanks to all of my colleagues and viewers who made Citytv such an incredible place to work. I’m excited to take on new challenges as a National Anchor with TWN. Hope you will continue to follow along! Thanks for being a part of all the fun these past 4 years with City, Toronto!


Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of you for following along this site. Hoping that 2015 will bring you all much love and joy! I’m counting our blessings this year and am so humbled to have partnered up with some incredible organizations to give back to others in need. Special shout-out to the Oakville Parent-Child Centre. Here’s a snap from this years Breakfast with Santa 2014. 400 attendees, many singing children and of course the big man in red. Along with my special little helper, I was so happy to be the Emcee this year. If you’d like more info check out their site! Cheers to all and best of luck for this year!


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Everyday Heroes. Extrodinary Hope.

I’m always proud to participate in the Parkinson SuperWalk! Thanks for having me back again this year to speak to the crowd. It was an especially emotional time – this is the first event I’ve been at since my Grandfather’s passing. He loved listening to the stories of those that fought the disease alongside him and this year was no different. Check out the video as the Citytv cameras were there to support the largest national fundraising event for Parkinson Society Canada! Tens of thousands of participants from coast-to-coast get involved. Last year close to 3 million dollars were raised for support services, research and advocacy….and most of all for continued HOPE!

I’d love to see you out at the Toronto walk next year! Visit for more information, to donate to the cause, or get involved as a volunteer! OR: There are hundreds of walks across the country, find one or start one near you! Thanks for reading!!


One year after Sandy Hook

One year after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, residents marked the anniversary in quiet remembrance today.

I remember covering the story very clearly last year. Watching the growing make-shift memorials of candles and flowers on the steps of the US Consulate in Toronto. Watching the tender hugs between parents and their young children as the news struck. On Dec. 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, 20, shot his way into the school he had once attended and murdered 20 first-graders, all aged 6 and 7, and six adults. Before heading to the school, he killed his mother in her bed, who had legally purchased the guns Lanza used that day. Eleven minutes after blasting his way in, Lanza ended his rampage with suicide.

As a journalist, it’s one of the stories that stays with us all.

The aftershocks live on, a year later.

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A pint-sized, cancer-fighting superstar!

I came across a story that CityNews covered today about Hasbro toys donating goods to create a lovely play space at SickKids hospital. As one of the child ambassadors talking about how important it is to “be a kid still” while fighting cancer; I watched the incredibly brave 10-year-old Jadyn speak to the large crowd assembled. It’s not the first giant group of people the mini-dynamo has inspired. Her courageous (and on-going) battle with cancer is one for the record books, it’s come back 5 times, she’s had more than one hundred rounds of radiation: the most rounds ever recorded on the continent. And she’s still going strong to beat this thing. I was lucky enough to meet her and a few other incredible girls this year. Here is their must-see story as they prepared for the National day of Awareness and Action for Childhood Cancer.

childhood cancers

A tour of the City Newsroom!

This is an oldie, but so many of you have asked me what it’s like working in the Citytv newsroom. Now you can see it for yourself! During doors open 2012 we decided viewers at home should get to experience all the fun in addition to the thousands who came out to see our home at Yonge/Dundas in person. So I take you (via the camera) on a personal tour! Enjoy the video. And note: I mention “CityNews Channel” this video was from last year when the 24 hours news station on Rogers Digital was still up and running. Other than that – the newsroom and all the fun of Dundas-Square is exactly how it is now.


Sleep Glasses!?

Having trouble getting to sleep? There’s something new that may finally help you get some shut-eye. It’s not a drug or a cumbersome light box…it’s a pair of glasses! These specs claim to use your awake-time to train your sleep-time. Called Re-timer, a portable light device that they say gets your brain to fall asleep when you want it to. The company says a blue-green light mimics sunlight on the human body. The product costs about $300 CDN, you wear it about an hour a day for a week to apparently re-train your sleep rhythm. Spokespeople say they are safe and side-effect free, check out the video for yourself: