Trip down memory lane…

These folks at Oh baby! Magazine were so much fun to work with. Here’s another piece I did with them a while back while working as a CityNews Reporter. Give this one on one a read if you have a chance, we talked about everything from pregnancy to potty training! It was important for me to express how we moms shouldn’t judge the choices each other make. Each baby and each parent is so different! What matters is getting through each day and giving ourselves a pat on the back! Thanks for reading! This snap is pre-baby! Oh baby, how rested I look!!!

saphia khambalia citytv

Ice Ice Baby!

Throw back time! Can’t believe this chat with Oh baby! Magazine was almost a year ago. Seemed fitting to post it now because it’s just as icy and cold outside this winter as it was last year when we welcomed in our little guy during the big Ontario ice storm! Read about the adventure here including how the hospital we delivered in lost power, during my labour! For real!