Sleep Glasses!?

Having trouble getting to sleep? There’s something new that may finally help you get some shut-eye. It’s not a drug or a cumbersome light box…it’s a pair of glasses! These specs claim to use your awake-time to train your sleep-time. Called Re-timer, a portable light device that they say gets your brain to fall asleep when you want it to. The company says a blue-green light mimics sunlight on the human body. The product costs about $300 CDN, you wear it about an hour a day for a week to apparently re-train your sleep rhythm. Spokespeople say they are safe and side-effect free, check out the video for yourself:


Fishing for Rob Ford stories?

Here’s one from a different time…Pre-Crack admission. Pre-blurting out the “P” word. Pre-losing many of his powers at City Hall. This is one of the only “good news” Rob Ford stories in the past few months. Watch the great video from the boat as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford helps Mississauga’s Mayor Hazel McCallion from going overboard during a fishing derby, he helps make the catch-of-the day and claims his famed football skills are to thank. It’s a whale of a tale!


Do you know what you’re putting on your face everyday?

I talk to the creators of a new app called “Think Dirty” which claims to list all the ingredients found in your make-up. All you do is scan the bar-code on the product. We took the app out on TO streets and found some surprising results. Creators say they want people to be more educated and healthier consumers. But the industry association for cosmetic companies calls the app misleading. They say it should indicate how much or how little of harmful or toxic ingredients are in the products. While the app creators say at even trace amounts chemicals are chemicals. You be the judge. Here’s the video.


The hottest toy this Christmas season? The Rainbow Loom!

ONLY six more weeks till Christmas! Do you have a pre-teen on your list? I had not heard about the Rainbow Loom before I was assigned this story, but I may have been the only one! Seems like this craze is here to stay. Get prepared for a house full of rubber bands come Christmas morning, because this toy; low-tech but high on the creativity seems full of possibilities! We searched long and hard for a store that wasn’t sold out, and we got the 4-1-1 from kids themselves and the loom’s creator even makes a cameo appearance! Check out the video here.


A touching Remembrance Day lesson for us all

70 odd years between the two, but you’d never know it… Just watch the interaction between a WWII Vet and an 11 year old girl as some of the most important life lessons of sacrifice and commitment are passed down. Watch the story here. This was from a week or two ago as the Royal Canadian legion launched it’s annual poppy campaign. These youngsters helped out and learned more than can ever be imagined. Lest we forget…


Porridge for Parkinson’s

Food, fun and all for Parkisnon’s. Most people with PD, are least active in the mornings. With this in mind, a low-key breakfast event was started a few years ago to fund-raise for Parkinson’s research. Through the groups efforts, over 1 million dollars has been collected for that all important search for a cure. I got to taste the fruits of their labour this year…literally. Some big Toronto chefs cooked-up a ton of porridge and I was happy to be attending, as the Parkinson Society Central and Northern Ontario Spokesperson! Hope this doesn’t make you too hungry! Video from Porridge for Parkinson’s 2013.