Welcome to the Weather World

It’s a fascinating blend of journalism, environment, technology, broadcasting, forecasting and performance. Here are some behind the scene shots from the green screens and studio to active weather reporting in the elements in storm systems. All from the past few months at The Weather Network.


Still reeling after Oprah’s incredible Golden Globes Speech

I’m still incredibly struck by the words in the momentous speech by Oprah at last nights Golden Globes. This image reminds me of the scene of almost every women wearing black at the awards ceremony. In solidarity, I recognize the truth in the words. Every woman has lived this, some to such an unfathomable degree. Here’s to hoping we can work together to ensure the next generation of women never have to say “me too.”


A few snaps…

…From the past month at TWN.

It’s fall. And that means snow for some, and warm forecasts for others to review on my newsroom computer. Plus; Halloween costume fun on-air. Any excuse to wear a full-out spacesuit on TV, right? More green screen shots from behind the scenes.


From Instagram:

Just a taste of what the start of October has in store for our viewers. Hope you’ll watch weekend evenings on The Weather Network!

Direct from Instagram:


Watch out!

New time. Same channel. Getting you the latest on your weather and weather news on The Weather Network. Here’s some shots from the first day back, behind the scenes on the green screen.

Hope you will all watch 7-10pm EST 4-7pm PT!