Original investigative reporting: Environmental stewardship

It’s a great honour to help make waves of change especially when it comes to taking action against plastic pollution.

We may be only a short time away from having a concrete national plastics strategy in Canada.

Being one of the first journalists to put out this important information really underpins why we in the Canadian media do what we do to disseminate information. Driving the national news agenda and hopefully creating waves of change. Lets see what comes out of an upcoming meeting that could serve as the forum for this big announcement if all goes as signals suggest.

Original investigative sourcing, reporting for TV, Web and of course writing the full context in this Weather Network article.

Read it for yourself, the statistics are staggering.

Only 11 per cent of plastics are recycled in Canada. The rest end up in our landfills, lakes, parks and oceans, destroying ecosystems and leaching toxic chemicals.

Watch within the article to see the sit-down-chat with Environmental Defence.


A love letter to the land of my roots: East Africa

This Canada Day it was an honour to not only share my family’s refugee story but to write it myself as well for the Hamilton Spectator.

A fitting tribute to the country we all pay tribute to on July 1st. Our story is like so many others who have come to this country with nothing and have been welcomed with open arms.

I was lucky enough to go back and re-trace my roots and visit the homes and businesses my family had been forced to flee decades ago which made this all that much more emotional to write.